Erotic massage in Valencia

Special discounts

Every day enjoy a 15% discount on our CLEOPATRA WONDERFUL massage.

30 min por 85 €, 50 min por 120 €, 60 min por 140 €


Every day enjoy a 20% discount on our SPECIAL MILEY massage.

30 min por 70 € , 50 min por 100 €, 60 min por 110 €


Every day enjoy a 15% discount on our massage MASSAGE 4 HANDS (2 MASSEURS).

50 min por 210 € , 70 min por 260 €

Don't you have much time?

30 min No matter you don’t have time, get rid of the midday stress to face the afternoon with energy or relax before a work meeting.

*Receiver massage. DO NOT interact with the masseur.

Treat yourself to an erotic massage in Valencia

Masajes Miley is an exclusive erotic massage center in Valencia that has luxurious facilities and a discreet location. A place to enjoy pleasure in a natural way in a relaxed atmosphere.

We have a large team of professional erotic masseurs. Beautiful women experts in giving pleasure not only with their hands but also with their bodies. Discover the pleasure of the most natural way in an idyllic environment, in the company of a beautiful masseuse who will make you forget all your taboos and prejudices.

The Miley massage center is located in one of the main avenues of our city. The place is well connected both by public transport and to arrive by taxi or private vehicle, always taking into account the discretion. You will only discover the experience that awaits you when you pass through our front door. It will be then when you discover an elegant place, with pleasure, designed to make you feel comfortable and willing to receive pleasure. A space designed by and to make you feel a unique experience from the hands of an experienced masseuse.

Any time of year is good to give yourself a whim and return to the day to day with more strength than ever. Succumb to the pleasure of a sensual massage in the company of our masseurs in Valencia. We can assure you that after a while with the girls of Miley you will feel totally relaxed and able to face all the daily obligations.

Personalized service

Surrender to the pleasure of our adult massage center and discover a universe of pleasure. Surely you repeat before what you imagine.

Exclusive environment

Enjoy a different massage alone or in company at your sensual massage center in Valencia. Luxury, relax … And discretion.

A special whim

Each of our massages is designed to satisfy you, stimulating your senses to take you to the top.

About our erotic massages in Valencia

In Miley, your erotic massage center in Valencia, you will find expert erotic masseurs specialized in offering you a unique experience inspired by the tantric culture. A thousand-year-old culture where history, friction, caresses, pleasure merge …

At Miley Massage we offer you a varied menu of erotic massages, among which are the tantric massage, body to body, lingan man, yoni woman, 4 hands, 6 hands … A whole series of massages, to enjoy sun @ or in couple, with an erotic charge that varies from our “sinless pleasure” massage to our 360º massage with erotic shower and two terminations. All in themed suites flavored to awaken your senses. An exclusive and relaxing place where we do not neglect any detail so that you live a full experience.

Visit our erotic massage center in Valencia and say goodbye to your daily routine living a unique sensual experience with Happy End!

Masaje erotico en Valencia - ilusion

Illusion Massage

60 minutes 160 euros (2 finishes)

70 minutes 180 euros (2 finishes)

90 minutes 200 euros (2 finishes)

The massage you always wanted to enjoy. Live an excitement without limits fulfilling your fantasies. This complete massage combines Thai, Tantric and Swedish. He wears Postures of Egyptian Pharaoh and Melee 360º. And you can also interact with your masseuse to take you to the maximum pleasure.

This massage begins with a seduction of the masseuse who will be presented in the room with the costume that the client has previously chosen. The client will be able to interact with the girl, unsnuding her little by little to reach a first termination if he wishes.

Special Miley

50 min 120  euros

It is a very relaxing massage in which the erotic load goes up little by little. It carries Thai massage that is performed with forearms, knees and belly. It also carries front and side body to body. It is not only a receiving massage, but in it, it is allowed to caress the entire body of the masseuse. You can NOT touch the intimate area of the masseuse. The masseuse is completely naked.

Masaje erotico en Valencia - Miley
Masaje erotico en Valencia - lingaham

Wonders of Cleopatra

30 min 100 euros

50 min 140 euros

60 min 160 euros

It is a very relaxing massage and at the same time it takes you to the maximum level of excitement. This massage combines Thai, Tantric and Swedish. It takes positions of Egyptian pharaoh and 360º body to body. In this massage you can interact with the masseuse to the maximum pleasure.

VIP passion massage

50 min 160 euros (2 ending)

70 min 180 euros

90 min 200 euros

This massage starts with a soft erotic shower with the masseuse, raising the temperature progressively to have the first explosion of pleasure before a good and exclusive massage that gives rise to a roller coaster of excitement and relaxation, having a great end full of passion ( second termination)

Masajes en Valencia - Sol
Masaje erotico en Valencia - Fantasia

Fantasy dream

70 min 180 euros

This massage begins with a seduction of the masseuse taking it to the maximum excitement continuing with a relaxing massage and ending with a high erotic load.

Lingam Massage

40 min 100 euros

From the earth to the moon, this massage focuses on the front of the male body, surrounding it with subtle and explosive caresses, giving rise to a rise and fall of excitement and relaxation. This massage focuses on the client and you can only interact with the masseuse caressing her breasts.

Masaje erotico en Valencia - 4 manos

Four hands massage

60 min 240 euros

4 hands fantasy 70 min 300 euros (woman secrets)

Experience an unequaled sensation with the caresses, techniques and curiosity of masseurs experienced in giving pleasure.

Special couples

1 masseur 60 min 200 euros

We started the massage to the woman being this sport or relaxing according to preference, combining with Thai massage.

2 masseurs 60 min 270 euros (YOU CAN CHOOSE GIRL, BOY / 2 GIRLS)

2 masseurs 90 min 300 euros (YOU CAN CHOOSE GIRL, BOY / 2 GIRLS)

Each massage therapist begins with a client and in the middle of massage they are exchanged to complete the massage with the masseuse. It is a sport or relaxing massage according to preference, combined with Thai, Swedish and Tantric massage.

Masaje erotico en Valencia - especial parejas

Extra service: prostate massage

Add to your massage for € 50 more

Extra service: Voyeur caprice

Bring your partner to see you for € 40 more

Extra service: erotic shower

Add an erotic shower for € 40 more


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